MoviRail: The satellite locator self-powered for railway vehicles 

MoviRail is a compact system for the tracking of railway vehicles developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and aerospace industries of the Politecnico di Torino; the device is equipped with an electronic owner combined with a system of self-charging generated by movement.

This peculiarity makes the MoviRail energetically autonomous. The system is protected by a patent.
The positions sampled from MoviRail, customizable number depending on the needs of the customer, are sent by the wireless network GSM/GPRS Network Operating Center Movimatica.

Through a detailed cartographic representation, this service allows you to monitor both the position of the wagon that movements of the train.

The MoviRail controllers allow you to automate the process of managing and checking the chain station. 

The information basis of logistics which positions and kilometers travelled, the customer can add additional indications such as the overcoming of borders in the event of in the case of international freight traffic and the count of days of rest. The data are viewable in real time directly from the Web site or transferred to other ICT systems made available by the customer.


Applications are diverse, the simplicity of installation and the absence of electrical wiring makes the system efficiently and at low cost of ownership.
The installation does not involve invasive interventions to the carriage structure. Once installed the device remains suitably concealed and has no parts vulnerable that can be tampered with by a malicious.

The solution proposed by MoviRail allows to overcome the limit of the electric power supply in freight wagons and can extend the duration by customizing the data to be transmitted.


  • Closed wagons for goods varies with the side doors
  • Open wagons for long goods with banks
  • Grain Tank wagons intended for the carriage of grain.
  • Tank wagons
  • Flat wagons
  • Refrigerated wagons
  • Wagons truck
  • Wagons container port
  • Wagons silos
  • Recessed wagons
  • Useful numbers

    • Telephone


    • Fax


    • Green Number