Retrieves the excise duties on diesel! You have machines that develop motive force or power for work.

MoviTaX retrieves the excise duties on diesel!

You have machines that develop motive force or electrical energy for work in fixed yards?

With MoviTax you may recover up to 70% of excise duties on diesel!

MoviTax Movimatica and

Movimatica produces MoviTax, an electronic device certificate, authorised and sealed, easily installable on machines that perform work with electrical energy production or driving force.

 The customer may request a refund of excise duty on diesel consumed by submitting an application for repayment accompanied by all the documents and certificates required by the agency of the customs with territorial jurisdiction.

The reading of the device MoviTax can occur:

  • Manually, through the reading of the data on the device display (hours of work and engine revs) and by filling out the form in accordance with the law
  • Automatically, through the Web service of Movimatica, which provides reporting capabilities MoviTax but also of logistics and Fleet Management

Movimatica, through its own network technique, is capable of:

  • Study the needs of the customer and propose the most suitable solution for the request for reimbursement of excise duties
  • Install your device MoviTax releasing special setup document
  • Assist the Customer in stages of compilation and periodic reporting of required parameters

As you save?

Assuming a reimbursement of 70% of the total excise duties (now equal to 0,5932€/liter) on fuel consumed by a machine used to 80% to develop motive force with a thermal engine, one obtains:

0,5932 €/liter * 70% * 80% = 0.332 €/liter

By applying this constant on the annual total of liters used from a machine is obtained the following exemplifying table:

Machine Diesel consumption liters/hour Hours worked per year Consumption Liters annual diesel Annual Reimbursement
The mixer 7 300 2100 € 698
7 800 5600 € 1.860
Telescopic 15 800 12000 € 3.984
15 1500 22500 € 7.470
Snowcat 22 1000 22000 € 7.308
Blade Small 20 800 16000 € 5.315
20 1500 30000 € 9.966
Large Blade 30 800 24000 € 7.973
30 1500 45000 € 14.949
Agricultural tractor for sowing 15 800 12000 € 3.986
15 1500 22500 € 7.474
Agricultural tractor for plowing 25 800 20000 € 6.644
25 1500 37500 € 12.457

Attention! The values indicated in the table are purely indicative: The actual amount of the refund may be assessed only at the end of an audit on the spot with the measurement of the vehicles carried out by the personnel of the Agency of the customs.

Which companies?

The companies concerned by the facility are those present in the categories Ateco 2007 in the letters from A to H:

  • A – agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • B – Extraction of minerals by quarries and mines
  • C – Manufacturing
  • D – Supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning
  • And – WATER SUPPLY; SEWERAGE, activities of waste management and remediation
  • F – Construction
  • G – Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • H – Transport and storage

What machines?

Companies eligible for reimbursement of the excise duty on diesel fuel must use of operating machines which fall within one of the following types of operation:

  • Production of driving force with engine permanently anchored to the ground or fixed structures;
  • Production of driving force with engine permanently installed on structure or mechanical vehicles which can perform translational movements.

Between these types of machines are:

  • Earth-moving machines and telescopic;
  • The cement mixers, EXCAVATORS, SCRAPERS, dumper, Crane
  • The compactors and sweepers, snow cats
  • The crushers, grinders, drills
  • The cranes for the movement of containers

What yards ?

The production of driving force must take place within the following construction and operating sites:

  • Industrial and agricultural-industrial
  • Laboratories
  • Yards of searches of hydrocarbons and endogenous forces
  • Construction Sites: the first implant, routine and extraordinary maintenance and modification.

The facilitation refers to the production of the driving force that occurs within the site, well defined and circumscribed, in which the thermal engine. It is excluding the production of driving force that occurs even only partially outside the operating site.

About the construction sites road or railway, the operating site is constituted from the area of the yard.

Such detection apparatus?

To determine the facilitation accruing, thermal engines should be equipped with counters:

  • The hours of operation of the engine;
  • The revolutions delivered by the engine during the hours of operation;
  • Must be connected directly to the motor shaft or to the alternator and count the hours and the revolutions of effective delivery of power by the engine;
  • Must be approved by recognized institution SIT and certified by the manufacturer;
  • Must not be resettable; must be sealable;
  • Must be available to the competent authorities in the event of on-the-spot checks.

What documentation?

For the recognition of the facility will be presented instance accompanied, beyond that of the identification data of the applicant, of the following documents:

  • Certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts;
  • Description of the activities carried out and of the modes of use of heat engines to facilitate;
  • The planimetry and delimitation of the operative site;
  • Description of the characteristics and to the location of the warehouse for private use, agricultural or industrial intended to receive the fuel to tax paid or facilitated
  • Serial numbers and specifications of each machine and each engine for which it seeks the facilitation; should be provided the curves or tables of consumption; such data should be those issued by the manufacturer;
  • Certificates of approval for the counters of the hours worked and the engine revolutions granted, including technical diagram circuits which allows the exact identification.

Which offices competent?

The Bureau of Customs territorially competent shall carry out the examination of the documentation produced and verification in the survey of the situation of the Installations. For the check is drawn up a special report. The recognition of the facility is notified to the applicant. The process must be concluded within 60 working days from the request.

The customs authorities may carry out checks and inspections at any time. The operator must provide all documentation concerning the facilitation and must keep these records for a minimum period of five years.

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