Fleet Management Vehicles

GPS location on your mobile network.

Movimatica manufactures and markets products and telematic services for the management of fleets of vehicles and special vehicles from work.

These services allow you to make the GPS tracking in real time the vehicles of controlling the operating parameters more significant through the coding of analog and digital signals, to receive and manage alarms and send advanced commands for the remote management of operational activities

The products of Movimatica use as transmission system the network wireless GSM/GPRS/UMTS and the Internet network, while the access and use of the system is carried out via Web; it is not therefore necessary to deploy complex software because it through a common navigator you will be able to access all the features of the system using a computer or a handheld without compromising safety requirements and access control fundamental in broadcasts on the Internet.

Web Services of Movimatica are developed mainly in Java language; the extreme flexibility of this programming language allows you to easily meet the specific needs of the customer. The intuitive graphical user interface and the tiered management of users, administrator at the Help Desk operator makes it simple and immediate control of the machines to the authorized operators.

Maps are provided under licenses “Enterprise” from the main world leader in the sector of cartographies:

  • PTV, a company that develops application technologies (xServer and Ajax) on databases of Navteq and TeleAtlas
  • Google MAP, a leader in services for satellite geolocation in mode “hybrid”

The electronic controllers provide maximum flexibility to are easy installation on any vehicles or system

The communication protocol is the owner and has been optimized to minimize the traffic and the cost on the network wireless GSM/GPRS/UMTS.

The whole system and its graphic representation can be customized depending on the type of application required by the customer.

Some examples of applications already made:

  • Infomobility RSU for the differentiated collection of waste in municipalities
  • Management of sweeping machines of the Roads
  • Inventory Management, bicycle and diagnostics earth moving machines
  • Managing vehicle fleets
  • Managing fleets of buses and other public transport

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