Test the service

Prove, test the service. Request the demokit to try the service.

Movimatica to try the service MoviSat has made a practical demo-kit consisting of a GPS unit which can be connected to the power supply of the vehicle through the cigarette lighter socket 12V.

You can use the web using the following account:

Login: demo
Password: demo

Control of paths

Through a detailed cartographic representation, it is possible to check the current position of the vehicles and the movements made in each period.

Checking alarms and events

If the vehicles have made improper maneuvers or has reached the areas not permitted will generate an alarm sent via web, e-mail, or SMS to the registered user.

Management Control

All the important information of the vehicles will be easily accessible through the internet site using search keys Automatic or Custom. All data can be exported in Excel.Questions and answers

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